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Your first choice to enhance your racing skills

Dura Race Performance Simulator (RPS) is a state-of-the-art facility offering race professionals or keen amateurs authentic track time experiences to hone their driving skills. From our indoor suite in Brackley, you can drive any of over 130 world-renowned circuits in our single seater F1 cockpit, immersed within a 180˚ 4m curved screen. Our simulator includes a force-feed steering link for realistic feedback, and drivers are equipped with noise-cancelling headphones for immersive sound and live performance feedback from our expert operators. Alternatively, based from the same cockpit you can select from a range of cars, from a Ferrari 458 to a McLaren 570S!

Comprehensive data tracking for precision analysis

Our detailed computer system accurately charts numerous aspects of racing performance, which can be replayed and analysed in real-time or saved as a record of your performance for future comparison. Racing lines, throttle control and brake use are all mapped in minute detail, with each lap available for re-viewing as cockpit or a ’birds-eye’ viewpoints.

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The team to coach you to your very best

Our race simulator is available for hire with full data analysis or can be hired with additional expert tuition from a professional racing driver (subject to availability), to develop your skills. Whether you’re looking to familiarise yourself with a circuit, or generally hone your driving technique, our team can provide the detailed coaching you need, corner by corner, to improve your racing lines and give you full driver analysis to optimise your timings for any of our 130 circuits.

Dura : Pioneers of the Smarter Workshop System

You may know us as a leading name within the automotive industry, where we were the first to bring the concept of modular workshop furniture to market - now used by virtually every major brand worldwide. Our passion for all things automotive makes us the ideal home for the race simulator experience, from our head office near Silverstone, the heart of British Motorsport. Visitors to Dura RPS are also welcome to browse our main showrooms, displaying our latest modular cabinet ranges that have made us the brand of choice for so many great automotive names.

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